Upcoming Field Trips

We have resumed field trips after three years of suspension during the Covid-19 pandemic. These outings usually last one or two weekend days and involve car caravans and hard-copy handouts. They are led by experts with current research interests in the location and are a mainstay of the geological life for professionals, advanced students and passionate fans. Field trips are a core part of our mission. See a table of past NCGS field trips.

Field trips are open to non-members of NCGS, who are charged slightly more, but members are notified first in the monthly newsletter or special email announcements.

No trips to announce at this time

We offer our field trips under the assumption that attendees will monitor their health and vaccination status and be ready to drop out if they have symptoms or recent significant exposures.

Do you have a place you’ve wanted to visit for the geology? Let us know. We’re definitely interested in ideas. For your suggestions, or for questions regarding field trips, please contact the Field Trip Coordinator, Will Schweller.