Past NCGS Field Trips

This table lists the field trips we have conducted since our founding in 1944. Particularly during 2003–2006, NCGS members created reports of these outings for posting online. They give some of the flavor of these trips, and several are quite detailed. These are indicated by “Report” in the table.

Printed guidebooks for past NCGS field trips, generally older than five years, are provided as PDF files for the noncommercial, scientific or educational use of NCGS members and the public. These are indicated by “PDF” in the table. More recent guidebooks may be available for sale at NCGS meetings.

None of these publications, in whole or in part, may be sold, used for any commercial purposes, or republished (on paper or online) without the express written permission of the Northern California Geological Society.

Our field trip guides have historical as well as scientific value. If you have copies of any older guides that aren’t posted here, we’d like to digitize them and add them to this table.

TripDateLeader       Leader AffiliationPDFs/
Franciscan Complex at Point Richmond and Point Molate2023-5-27Tom MacKinnon
Will Schweller
Retired Chevron
Retired Chevron
Mount Diablo Summit and West Flank2019-11-2Will Schweller
Don Medwedeff
Retired Chevron
Geologic Tour of the Devil’s Slide Trail, San Mateo County2018-11-03Will SchwellerRetired Chevron
Ring Mountain, Marin County2018-05-19Bill Motzer
Mark Petrofsky
Geologic Tour of the Devil’s Slide Trail, San Mateo County2017-11-04Will SchwellerRetired Chevron
A Walk along the Old Bay Margin in Downtown San Francisco – Tracing the Events of the 1906 Earthquake & Fire2017-02-26Ray Sullivan
Greg Bartow
SFSU Emeritus
CA State parks
Anatomy and Provenance of a Deep-water Boulder Conglomeratic Submarine Canyon in the Upper Cretaceous Panoche Formation, Central California2015-10-24Todd GreeneCSU Chico
The Geysers – Geothermal Energy2015-07-25Joe Beall
Craig Hartline
Calpine Corporation
Monterey-Santa Margarita Petroleum System of the Santa Cruz Coast, California2015-04-25Allegra Hosford-
Les Magoon
Visit to UC Museum of Paleontology2015-04-18
The Hayward Fault – Identifying Urban and Natural Features in the East Bay2014-10-25Joyce Blueford
Ray Sullivan
Math Science Nucleus
SFSU Emeritus
Calaveras Dam Replacement Project2014-10-24Greg BartowSFPUCPDF
Ancient Submarine Landslides in a Submarine Canyon Fill – The Carmelo Formation at Point Lobos2014-05-03Edward CliftonUSGS Emeritus
Geology of the Golden Gate Headlands2013-06-22Will ElderNational Park ServicePDF
The Caldecott Fourth Bore Project: Tunneling through a Miocene Plate Boundary2012-11-02Chris RisdenCalTranReport
Geological Field Trip on Mount Diablo2012-10-20Phil Reed et uxNCGS
Stroll to Subduction: Geology of Sunol Regional Wilderness, California2012-07-14John WakabayashiCSU FresnoPDF
Ocean Floor to the Shelf; The Lower Tertiary Sequences on the Flanks of Mt. Diablo2012-06-02Ray SullivanEmeritus, SFSUPDF
A Walk along the Old Bay Margin in Downtown San Francisco – Tracing the Events of the 1906 Earthquake & Fire 2011-10-15Ray SullivanEmeritus, SFSU
Geology of the Lake Tahoe Region, Nevada and California2011-06-25Richard Schweickert
Jim Howle
Winnie Kortemeier
Emeritus, U Nevada Reno
Carson City JC
The Geology of the Abandoned Mt. Diablo Mine2010-11-13Joe Lovenitti
Paul Horton
Alta Rock Energy
The Source Group, Inc.
A Walk along the Old Bay Margin in Downtown San Francisco – Tracing the Events of the 1906 Earthquake & Fire 2010-10-16Ray SullivanEmeritus, SFSU
Geology and Tectonics of the Smartville Complex, NW Sierra Nevada, California2010-09-18Eldridge MooresEmeritus, UC DavisReport
Mammoth Rocks and the Geology of the Sonoma Coast2010-04-25E. Breck Parkman
Rolfe Erickson
California State Parks
Emeritus, Sonoma S.U.
A Tour of New Bay Bridge Construction: The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Seismic Safety Project2009-10-23Heather Rowe
Jordana Jackson
Gold Country Field Trip2009-06-13Ross SmithConsultantReport
The Geology of Sonoma Mountain, Sonoma County, California2009-05-02James Allen
Luther Strayer
Peter Holland
Ron Rubin
CSU East Bay
Vector Engineering
AMEC Geomatrix
Earthquake at UCB? – The Hayward Fault, Campus Retrofit, and the Seismological Laboratory2008-11-15Peggy Hellweg
Doris Sloan
Christine Shaff
Craig Comertin
UC BerkeleyReport
Key Sites of Uplift and Glacial Constraints, Central Sierra Nevada2008-09-20Jeffrey SchafferNapa City College
The Calaveras Fault in Santa Clara County, California2008-08-23Phil Stoffer
Richard Sedlock
Pt. Lobos to Pt. Reyes: Evidence of ~180 km Offset of the San Gregorio and Northern San Andreas Faults2008-05-10Kathleen BurnhamIndependent Researcher
Coso Geothermal System2008-03-28Andrew SabinNavy Geothermal Program, China LakeReport
Wilson Grove & Petaluma Formations, Sonoma County, California2008-02-23James Allen
Peter Holland
CSU East Bay
Vector Engineering
Geophysical Investigation of the Green Valley Fault2007-08-25James Lienkaemper
Mitchell Craig
CSU East Bay
Crustal Deformation of the Eastern Sierra Frontal Fault2007-07-07Dylan RoodLLNL & UCSBPDF
Devils Slide2007-05-12Grant WilcoxCalTransReport
The World’s Smallest Mountain Range: The Sutter Buttes2007-04-21Brian HausbackCSU SacramentoReport
Field Geological Mapping Using Modern Technology2006-09-16George BrimhallUC BerkeleyReport
Pt. Lobos to Pt. Reyes: Evidence of ~180 km Offset of the San Gregorio and Northern San Andreas Faults2006-05-20Kathleen BurnhamConsultantReport
Tracing the Hayward Fault – A Potential Disaster Area2006-04-15Joyce Blueford
Mitchell Craig
Math Science Nucleus
CSU East Bay
A Walk along the Old Bay Margin in Downtown San Francisco Tracing Events of the 1906 Earthquake & Fire2006-03-19Ray SullivanSFSU EmeritusReport
Coastal Cliffs – Landslides and Urban Development2005-11-12Monty Hampton
Orville Magoon
Ray Sullivan et ux
USGS Emeritus
Corps of Engineers (retired)
SFSU Emeritus
Panoche Hills Paleocene Cold Seeps2005-10-29Mel ErskineConsultantReport
Blueschists and Breweries (Brewschists II)2005-06-25John WakabayashiConsultantReport
Robert Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve in Berkeley Hills2005-05-21Stephen EdwardsTilden Botanic GardenReport
Colorful Geology of the Fremont Area2005-03-12Joyce Blueford
Paul Belasky
Math/Science Nucleus
Ohlone College
The Winemaker’s Dance: Exploring Terroir in the Napa Valley, California2004-10-30David HowellUSGSReport
Geology of the Tiburon Peninsula, Marin County, California2004-09-11David BeroConsultantReport
Geology and Groundwater Resources of the Merced Formation in the Westside Basin of Coastal San Mateo and San Francisco Counties2004-07-10Ed Clifton
Ralph Hunter
Greg Bartow
USGS (Retired)
S.F. Public Utility Commission
Geology of the Mt. Diablo Structural Domain2004-05-01Ron CraneConsultantReport
Mesozoic and Tertiary Stratigraphy of the Burdell Mountain Area and Implications for Slip along the East Bay Fault System2003-11-22Rick FordSan Francisco State UniversityReport
Geology of the Point Reyes Area2003-09-27Tom MacKinnon
John (Rusty) Gilbert
Geology of the Clear Lake Volcanic Field, California2003-08-02Rolfe EricksonCSU SonomaReport
Geology of the Right Stepover Region Between the Rodgers Creek, Healdsburg, and Maacama Faults2003-06-07Bob McLaughlin
Dave Wagner
Andrei Sarna-Wojcicki
Calif Geological Survey
Diablo Antiform – Diablo Range Intersection2003-05-10Ron CraneConsultantReport
Franciscan Metasedimentary Section at Pacheco Pass2003-04-12Gary ErnstStanfordReport
Northbrae Rhyolite / Silica-rich Rocks in the Berkeley Hills2003-02-22Lin MurphyReport
San Francisco Bay-Delta Tidal Hydraulic Model2003-01-11Robert StevensonUS Army Corps of EngineersReport
Regional Hayward Fault Field Trip and Tyson’s Lagoon/Tule Pond Trench Site2002-10-13Russell Graymer
Jim Lienkaemper
Geology of the Eastern Belt of the Northern Sierra Nevada
and 16:1 Gold Mine Tour
2002-06-29Elwood Brooks
Ray Wittcopp
CSU Hayward, Emeritus
16:1 Mine
Structure and Geology of Mount Diablo2002-05-18Ron Crane
Craig Lyon
Geology and Sequence Stratigraphy of Black Diamond Mine2002-04-06Ray Sullivan
Morgan Sullivan
SFSU (Retired)
Exxon Mobil
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and Moss Landing Marine Laboratory2002-01-26Gary GreeneMoss Landing Marine Laboratory
The Golden B.E.A.R. Tour 2001 (Blueschists, Eclogites, Amphibolites, Refreshments)2001-05-19John WakabayashiConsultant
Caldecott Tunnel2001-03-03Grant WilcoxCalTrans
Chalk Bluff Preserve2000-10-28David Lawler
Rudy Kopf
Farwest Geoscience Foundation
Constraints on the Distribution of Slip and the Evolution of the Northern San Andreas Fault System2000-06-24John Wakabayashi
Scott Dickerman
Patterson Pass / Corral Hollow2000-04-29Ron CraneConsultantPDF
Volcanics of the San Francisco Bay Region1999-10-16Andrei Sarna- WojcickiUSGSPDF
Vallecitos Syncline and Coalinga Fossil Hunt1999-10-02Mel Erskine
Bill Howell
3-D Environmental
Del Puerto Canyon1999-08-21Ron CraneConsultantPDF
American River Rafting1999-08-07Russ GraymerUSGSPDF
Ohlone Wilderness1999-06-26Ron CraneConsultantPDF
Pleasanton Ridge and Family Picnic1999-06-05Patrick HubbardTreadwell & Rollo
Mission Peak Landslide, Fremont1999-05-08David RogersGeolith ConsultantsPDF
Brushy Peak, Livermore and Altamont Hills1999-03-06Ron Crane
Pat Sotello
Livermore Park Department
Late Quaternary Climate and Tectonics in the San Andreas Fault Valley near Pt. Reyes 1998-10-17Karen GroveSan Francisco State UniversityPDF
The Franciscan Complex, San Francisco Bay Area: A Record of Subduction Complex Processes1998-07-18John WakabayashiConsultantPDF
Family Picnic and Geology on Mt. Diablo1998-06-20Craig LyonConsultant
Geology of the Sutter Buttes1998-04-18Brian HausbackCSU Sacramento
Geology of the Western Sierra Nevada: Sacramento to Crystal Basin1997-10-11David Jones
David Lawler
USGS (Retired)
Far West Geoscience Foundation
Hollister-Cienaga-Pinnacles National Monument1997-09-27Vince MatthewsArizona State UniversityPDF
Gold Deposits of the Sierra Nevada1997-06-14David Lawler
Greg Wilkerson
Far West Geoscience Foundation
BLM Bakersfield
Monterey Bay Aquarium and Research Institute, and Moss Landing Marine Laboratories1997-03-15Gary Greene
Debra Stakes
CSU-Moss Landing Marine Lab
Keller Canyon Landfill and the Concord Naval Weapons Station1996-11-16Tim Bray
Ray Sullivan
When Did Pt. Reyes Move North from Monterey?1996-10-19Earl Brabb
Joe Clark
New Idria-Coalinga Area1996-06-15Robert Coleman
Steve Graham
Neogene Paleogeographies in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area
1996-05-04Anna BuisingPDF
A Geologic Guide to the Wines of Napa Valley1995-10-21David HowellUSGS
Tectonic Belts of the Sierra Nevada1995-06-10Howard DayUC Davis
Geology of the Mt. Diablo Region1995-05-06
Ron Crane
Craig Lyon
Black Diamond Mine (Pacific Section AAPG)1995-05-06Ray SullivanSan Francisco State University
Blackhawk Ranch Fossil Mammal Quarry1994-11-12David LawlerFar West Geoscience FoundationPDF
Geology of the Black Diamond Mines1994-10-15Ray Sullivan
John Waters
San Francisco State University
East Bay Regional Parks
Geology of the Mt. Diablo Region1994-04-23
Ron Crane
Craig Lyon
Remediation of Soil and Groundwater1994-03-19Benjamin Roberts
Ronald Michelson
Onsite Technologies
Geology and Tectonics of the Southwestern Sacramento Valley and Adjacent Coast Ranges1993-10-02Eldridge MooreUC DavisPDF
Environmental Geology of the Livermore Valley and Environs1993-05-15Ron Crane
Stephanie Davis

Tertiary and Quaternary Tectonics of the Boundary between the Central Diablo Range and the San Joaquin Valley1992-11-14Mel ErskineConsultant
Late Cenozoic Geology of the North Bay Region1992-05-16Tom Wright
Dave Schwartz
Geology and Engineering Geology of Western Solano County (Joint with AEG)1991-10-12Sandy Figuers
The October 17, 1989 Earthquake: Geology and Impacts (AAPG field trip) 1990-06-02Bob Kieckhefer
Francoise Bertaux
Ron Hamburger
Mike Rojansky
Canonie Environmental Services
San Andreas Fault and Franciscan Complex in Marin County (AAPG field trip)1990-06-02Bruce Bilodeau
Stephanie Davis
Geology of Point Reyes 1989-05-20Bruce BilodeauChevron
Geology of San Ramon Valley and Environs 1988-04-30Ron CraneChevronPDF
Bay Model1987-06-20US Army Corps Engineers
Shallow Marine and Coastal Depositional Facies, Mussel Rock, Pacifica to Fort Funston, San Francisco1987-05-16Ed CliftonUSGS
Submarine Canyons – Meganos Canyon and Sand, North Flank, Mt. Diablo1986-05-17Vic Cherven
Pete Fischer
CSU Northridge
Turbidites along the Coast South of San Francisco1985-05-04Tor NilsenRPI Pacific
Monticello Dam to Marin Headlands1983-09-24Paul Bertucci
John Kleist
Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene Turbidites, Central California Coast1981-05-29Virgil Frizzell
Marin County1981Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
San Francisco to Reno1981Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
Geology and Engineering in the Livermore-Hayward Region1979-05-05Leo MoirCalifornia PUC
A Look at the Franciscan Rocks of the Napa Valley1977-06-11NCGS
Western Margin Sacramento Valley – Clear Lake Area1975-05-10Ernest Rich
Ray Ingersoll
Raised Pleistocene Terraces and Upper Tertiary Sedimentary Rocks of Santa Cruz1974-10-12R.E. Garrison
L.F. Laporte
G. Weber
UC Santa Cruz
Ophiolites in the Mesozoic Subduction Zone of Central California (Del Puerto Canyon)1974-04-20Bob ColemanUSGS
San Francisco Bay Model, Sausalito1974-01-19Laurie CrebassaArmy Corps of Engineers
The Geysers, Sonoma County1973-09-29John Kilkenny
Mother Lode Country1973-04-28Oliver Bowen
Environmental Geology of Northeastern Flank of the Santa Cruz Mountains1972-05-20Tom RogersCA Div Mines & Geology
Hayward, Calaveras, and San Andreas Faults, Hayward to Hollister1971-05-08Bob Nason
T.H. Rogers
Earthquake Mechanism Lab
San Andreas Fault and Point Reyes Peninsula
1970-05-16Alan Galloway
Robert Brown
Mount Diablo and Livermore Valley
1969-05-17Earl Pampeyan
H.E. Wollenberg
Lawrence Radiation Lab
Mount Diablo – Camp Parks
Geysers Geothermal Power Project, Sonoma County1968-09-28J.B. Koenig
East Side Salinas Valley1966
Sacramento Valley1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
Santa Cruz Mountains1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
Point Reyes Peninsula and San Andreas Fault1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
Geologic Guide to the Merced Canyon and Yosemite Valley, California1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
San Francisco Peninsula1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
North Flank of Mount Diablo1962Combined NCGS-AAPG trip
Capay Valley, Wilbur Springs, Westside Sacramento Valley1954-05-07Gordon OakeshottCombined NCGS-AAPG tripPDF
Northern Mt. Diablo Area
1950-05-13Al Solari
Standard Oil