Past Meetings, 2000–1 to 2009–10

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June 28, 2000
Keil Albert, Geoconsultants Inc. ―
Provenance of the Irvington Gravels

September 27, 2000
Dr. Dawn Sumner, University of California, Davis ―
Tracing the Early Evolution of Life in the Rock Record

October 25, 2000
Frank Picha, Consultant, Walnut Creek ―
Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Systems in Terms of Global Tectonic Cycles

November 29, 2000
Chris McKay, NASA Ames Research Center ―
Landscape Geomorphology and the Search for Water on Mars: Implications for the Development of Life

January 31, 2001
Keith E. Knudsen, California Division of Mines & Geology ―
New Quaternary Geologic and Liquefaction Susceptibility Mapping of the San Francisco Bay Region

February 21, 2001
John E. Warme, Colorado School of Mines ―
Anatomy of an Anomaly: The Catastrophic Devonian Alamo Impact Breccia, Nevada

March 22, 2001
Andrew Pulham, University of Colorado, Boulder ―
Reservoir Performance and Reservoir Quality in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: Case Studies from the Americas and Europe

April 25, 2001
John Karachewski, Weiss Associates ―
Geology of Southern New Mexico and the Desert Soil Geomorphology Project

May 30, 2001
Dave Mustart, San Francisco State University ―
Hydrothermal Pipes in Six Granitic Plutons in California: Evidence for Evolution and Migration of a Magmatic Volatile Phase

June 27, 2001
Bruce Jaffe, US Geological Survey, Menlo Park ―
Mercury Contaminated Hydraulic Mining Debris in North San Francisco Bay: A Legacy of the Gold Rush

September 26, 2001
Richard Sedlock, San Jose State University ―
Blueschists and Ophiolites in Baja: Coast Range Geology, But with Outcrops

October 24, 2001
David Lawler, Bureau of Land Management ―
Hydraulic Gold Mining’s Historical Legacy ― Mercury Contamination Issues: Sierra Nevada and Klamath Mountain Regions, California

November 28, 2001
Mel Erskine, Consultant ―
The Colorado Plateau Tectonostratigraphic Unit

January 30, 2002
Roger Ashley, US Geological Survey, Menlo Park ―
Lode Gold Deposits of the Sierra Nevada and their Environmental Impacts

February 27, 2002
James Moore, US Geological Survey, Menlo Park ―
Exploring the Highest Sierra

March 27, 2002
Donald L. Gautier, US Geological Survey, Menlo Park ―
The Ghost of Malthus, the Global Greenhouse and the Perilous Geography of Petroleum

April 24, 2002
John Gabelman, Consultant ―
Hydrous Carbonatitic(?) Volcanism in Central Wyoming

May 15, 2002
James Harrell, University of Toledo ―
Archaeological Geology in Egypt: Ancient Oil Wells and Mummy Bitumen, Earliest Geological Map, First Paved Road, Pyramid Temple Pavements, and the Sphinx Age Controversy

June 26, 2002
John Karachewski, Weiss Associates ―
California Geoscapes

September 25, 2002
Charles R. Bacon, US Geological Survey ―
Volcanism in Nature’s Bathtubs: The Caldera Lakes at Aniakchak and Crater Lake

October 23, 2002
John Delaney, University of Washington ―
Volcanoes, Oceans, and Life in Our Solar System

November 20, 2002
John Zucca, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ―
Forensic Seismology Supports the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

January 29, 2003
Kent Lightfoot, UC Berkeley ―
Archaeology of the San Francisco Bay Region

February 26, 2003
Calvin Stephens, San Jose State University ―
Paleozoic Stratigraphy of the Eastern Sierra Nevada and Its Relation to Cratonal and Miogeoclinal Rocks to the East

March 26, 2003
Morgan D. Sullivan, CSU Chico ―
Fluvial-Deltaic Cyclicity, Ridge Basin, Southern California: Evidence for Kinematic Cyclostratigraphy

April 30, 2003
John Wakabayashi, Consultant ―
Tale of Two Uplifts: Tectonics and the Evolution of Sierra Nevada Topography

May 28, 2003
Ian Carmichael, UC Berkeley ―
The Andesite Aqueduct: Examples from Western Mexico

June 25, 2003
Carol Prentice, US Geological Survey ―
How Historical Research into the 1906 Earthquake Provides a Better Understanding of the San Andreas Fault

September 24, 2003
Carl Wentworth, US Geological Survey ―
Quaternary Structure of the Santa Clara Valley in the Context of a Three-dimensional Geologic Map

October 29, 2003
Stephen Eittreim, US Geological Survey Emeritus ―
Revealing the Hidden World Beneath Monterey Bay

November 19, 2003
John W. Williams, San Jose State University ―
Engineering Geology Contributes to Living Safely in the Geological Dynamic San Francisco Bay Area

January 28, 2004
Ronald Olowin, St. Mary’s College ―
The Earth: Having a Sense of Place in the Cosmos

February 25, 2004
Nahum Schneidermann, ChevronTexaco Overseas Petroleum ―
Global Gas

March 31, 2004
Judd Case, St. Mary’s College ―
Discovering Dinosaurs in the Antarctic Peninsula

April 28, 2004
John Stockwell, NCGS K-12 Program Chair ―
The Formation of Thundereggs

May 26, 2004
Jim Ellis, Ellis GeoSpatial ―
Mapping with Remote Sensing & GIS

June 30, 2004
David Bero, P.G., R.G. ―
Geology of the Tiburon Peninsula, Marin County