April 19-25, 2013

Pacific Section AAPG Convention

Energy & the Environment

Working Together for the Future

Monterey, CA


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Tentative Technical Program

Reviving old giants and new potential in mature basins

Evolving Models of Deep Water Deposition

Fluvial and shallow-marine depositional systems: insights from outcrops and subsurface prediction

Opening up the west: new and overlooked opportunities in unconventional reservoirs

Faults, folds, transforms and terranes of Western North America

Marine Geology of the pacific Margin (modern and Ancient) -- dedicated to Bob Garrison

Westerrn North America earthquake hazards: what's shakin'

Energy and the environment

Landscape / Seascape Evolution

California Turbidites

What's new in the Sacramento Valley

Geothermal Energy: A hot topic

Arctic energy opportunities: from the Cook Inlet to the North Slope and beyond

Sediment routing in Western North American

Undergraduate Research Poster session


Tentative Field Trips & Short  Courses

Hydrocarbon Migration Systems: Injectites, Bituminous Sands, and Gas Seeps

Retracing the Events of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Convergent Margin Tectonics across Central California Coast Ranges -- Pacheco Pass

Oceanography Field Trip -- Moss Landing Marine Labs

Geology of the Point Lobos Reserve

Monterey Formation Outcrops

California Turbidites





Tentitive Short  Courses

 Streamline simulation

Numerical methods in simulation

Modern well test analysis

Thermal methods and in-situ combustion

Reserve booking

Carbon sequestration & storage

Sequence Stratigraphy for students

Carbonate Stratigraphy

Formation Evaluation

Image log interpretation

Geocellular modeling


Monterey core workshop

Monitoring programs for fracking





Other Activities


Monterey Bay Aquarium - Tour and Dinner

Moss Landing Marine Lab

Monterey Bay Cruises

Point Lobos to Santa Cruz

Cannery Row

17 Mile Drive



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